Sash Window Draught Proofing

It is important to inspect your wooden sash windows regularly to check that they still work properly and do not let draughts in.

Typically the draught proofing of your sash windows will always be included as part of your sash window restoration or refurbishment.

We believe that a sash window that has been refurbished but not draught-proofed is a sash window that has not been refurbished at all!


Draught Proofing Procedure for Sash windows:

  • Removing staff beads,
  • Parting beads,
  • Sash cords,
  • Sash weights,
  • Top and bottom sashes.
  • Scrape down excess paint from frames,
  • Planning of both the top and bottom sashes to improve the seal and fitting,
  • Prime all timber
  • Record and re balance sashes.
  • Replace parting beads and staff beads with new ones.
  • Draught proofing casement windows or doors - Stormguard Threshold Sill.



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